Sunday, February 26, 2006


For some people the phrase bug-a-boo harkens back to the namesake Destiny's Child song with these pullitzer prize winning lyrics:

"You make me wanna throw my pager out the window
Tell MCI to cut the phone calls
Break my lease so I can move
Cause you a bug a boo a bug a boo
I wanna put your number on the call block
Have AOL make my emails stop
Cause you a bug a boo
You buggin what? you buggin who? you buggin me!
And don't you see it aint cool "

Beyonce... who knew you were like a modern day Byron?

According to the Urban Dictionary a bugaboo is an overly annoying person who doesn't stop calling or harassing you.

Around these parts, and I'm going to be brutally honest here, the only urban connotation one could make in the Faux Hill is schleping down to Urban Outfitters for on sale Seven's; a bugaboo therefore is not what the MBrad once called me, rather, it refers to the name of a fancy baby stroller. [Take that Marty, whilst you were telling anyone who would listen that I was a Bugaboo, you were really calling me a stroller - who has egg on their face now??]

The Bugaboo is not just any stroller; at $1100.00, the Bugaboo is the SUV of the stroller world and comes with so many accessories it's like Barbie's Dream House.

Now I'm sure most intrepid reader's are wondering... FH what do you know about stroller's? Have you finally relented and adopted the Cambodian love child that the Rama vicitiously insinuated you would eventually adopt?

Nope... dearest friends: Bold is knocked up (although in wedlock, I guess one could say she's pregnant). And so... round these part's it's all baby all the time. In true WWSD mold Bold... well... Bold has a little bit of Sim Sim Sima in her and is therefore trying to figure out how she buy the Bugaboo without paying the rather exhorbitant asking price. Hair brained schemes involve Brynnah in New York City and taking advantage of free shipping opportunities to anywhere in the contintental United States.

WWSD is, as always, how this family tries to keep up with the Jones' while still keepin' it real. And on that rather Chris Rockian note I can admit that maybe there actually is a little bit more urban in these parts then I had previously thought.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Save our Bus - The Faux Hill 33

So in the Saturday Globe and Mail there was an article about how the TTC may cancel the Forest Hill 33, the lone bus that travels through the Faux Hill Village, connecting Faux Hillary's with public transit since 1978. Now I've got to be honest, Faux Hillary's don't do public transit. We do our parents' SUV's until they buy us our own cars and in the mean time we get chaufered around to climate controlled malls like Yorkdale. We do carpool until we get our G2's. [Not me personally I take public transit, but I'm atypical.] Furthermore, a Faux Hillary mom ain't gonna be caught dead on the subway either. That much Louis Vuitton hasn't seen so much underground since Marie Antoinette was imprisoned in the French Revolution and look how that turned out.
The article portrayed the Faux Hill as per usual... tony, monied and perhaps synopsized by this gem of a closing sentence: "[But] the nannies and kiddies are entitled to public transportation too."
A couple of points that I feel must be made as a local resident of the Village:
1) "A lot of the nannies and housekeepers of the people of Forest Hill ride it." Thank you local resident Roy Boyce.
2) I don't care how many people ride this bus, and judging by the many SUV's in this neighbourhood I'm thinking few residents use it... I will fight tooth and nail to ensure that the Faux Hill Village 33 will never be cancelled. "You can take away our back door garbage service but you can never take away our BUS."
To quote an entirely fictitional character I've constructed, but whom I feel is the Faux Hill Alpha male archeteype:
"This is Forest Hill bitches, you can't take shit away from us. It's called entitlement, we've got a bus, you don't. You wanna run for reelection next year and you want us to contribute to your candidacy... uhm... you took our away our bus. The bus that carries in our housekeeper. She's now fifteen minutes late everyday because she has to walk in from Eglinton and you expect a donation? I don't think so."
I think that really sums it up, no?