Thursday, January 11, 2007

Living the Dream

A young boy growing up in the Faux has two options in life: Doctah, or Lawyah. I am neither. Not only that but I have sex with men. I'm my own walking and talking shunda [ scandal]. I've managed to not go back to school for almost two years now, and family friends are starting to talk, "Nu... so when are you going to school law school?" Lord knows I'm not a doctah like Bold. The fact that a person can be succesful without a law degree doesn't really dawn on the clucking masses of botoxed beauties, who see the world in black and white (or Gucci versus Louis). One family friend caught me running out the door to a meeting and asked when I was going back to school; not 'if' mind you, but when! "You're going to law school eventually, right?" She asked. When I said No, she looked ashen, near tears and probably thought about how best to consol my mother. [Did I mention the gay sex thing? Sim Sim Sima's got bigger worries then me going to law school; I can tell you, she's giving herself ten years to process the eventuality of me introducing her to her cambodian granddaughter, then we'll talk consoling her, ok?]. Law school and a Faux Hill centre hall home is essentially the local version of the American dream.
For me, however, not so much. As such my job in politics - the one that I really like and doesn't involve lawyering or doctoring- has, however, recently provided me with the last laugh. The Chief Financial Officer of my campaign is a partner in a large downtown law firm. The campaign office closed down recently due to campaign transition but I've been given a nice office at the CFO's firm in order to finish up campaign related business. So I'm now faking it. Every day I wake up, subway downtown, sit in the office, stare out my window and wait for my thank you letters to print. When I'm bored I walk through the hallways nod at my "fellow" staff, wink at the receptionist and make a latte at the firm's esperesso machine. Living the dream, sans law degree and also paying law school tuition. WWSD indeed.

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sklein said...

omg you work downtown now we could LUNCH call me :)