Monday, May 14, 2007

"What are you doing this summer?" Part 1

I ran into the younger sister of a Faux Hill friend the other day. Having just gotten back from university the sister, avec Gucci aviators, was out and about trying to find a waitressing job.

"So what are you doing this summer?" She asked before too long.
"Same thing I did during the fall." I responded sincerely. "Work."
"Oh." Silence. "You aren't working at the Gap are you?"
"No - I have a full-time job. So what are your plans for the summer?"
"Looking for a job, then I'm going to Europe with some friends! You should come!"

And I realized - Faux Hillary's don't really work in the summer. I mean why work when you can play? Once the weather turns nice, kids return home from university, spend about a month sitting at Starbucks before being sent off to sleepover camp and or Europe so they can sit in the one Starbucks in Madrid near the Reina Sofia and absorb the culture. "Don't you just love Spain?" Europe is not a priveledge - its a right. Besides how cool is it to buy Louis Vuitton from Paris? Like OMG.

I left wondering whether Europe was indeed always given. Then I remembered a conversation Sim Sim Sima recently had with one of her gal pals, who declared, "you know how when people turn 60 theyir husband's take them to Europe?"

Ah - the apples don't fall far from the many trees in the Forest.

For the pratfalls of the European vacay, however, stay tuned...

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