Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Life of the Idle Rich

I just received an email from Sim, Sim, Sima (my mother). I had emailed her telling her that I had run into a family friend, Judy, at Starbucks, her reply, "you're living the life of the idle rich." I suppose that Judy is rich and idle but... what about me? I'm really idle and poor. I know why I sat at Starbucks every day pontificating (unemployed and hoping to collide with a sexually ambiguous, emotionally confused, third year history major pretty boy [M Brad and Rama fit the same bill]). My fellow patio dwellers? Are they really just idle and rich? Are their lives that boring... The next MILF I run into at Starbucks I'm going to suggest that she start a blog. I'd read it.

However, I'm going to impart you all some etiquette tip of an idle poor person:
1) Faux Hill Village Etiquette Tip Numero Uno: The milk/sugar bar at Starbucks is NOT, I repeat NOT the place to reconnect with your teenage daughter. Pour the milk, grab the packet of sugar and go people.

And now having emailed the Rama I now begin the pathetic wait with that sick realization that I'm probably not going to get an email from him at all. I did, however, locate him on a map of Alberta (he provided me with the coordinates in his infamous 1000 word email and challenged me to find him, so I'm not that crazy people, give me a modicum amount of credit.) Literally the Rama is in buttfuck nowhere. Insert sexual innuendo joke at your own risk.

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k said...

a lesson i learned from my very wise bubby chana was that the milk/sugar/sweetener spot is where you grab as much sweetener you can shove into your purse at once on the off chance that you are offered a coffee somewhere in a place where they have not yet embraced the life-saving substance of asparatame. clearly i carry a supply of sweet n' low wherever i go. darling, ya never know. a lesson learned from bubby chana. she also carries bread rolls lifted from u.b. in her purse, but carbs are sooo old country.