Monday, December 17, 2007


Int - Faux Hill Starbucks

A young, twenty-something, female - JENNIFER, enters the Forest Hill Village Starbucks. She is wearing UGGs and a puffy coat. As soon as she enters the shop - her friend, JESSICA turns to greet her.

Jessica - you're back from Dalhousie.
You look amazing!

Thanks. Oh Jenn... My stats exam was awful. I think I failed.

The camera pans across the bustling coffee shop, focusing on:

Great - now the university kids will be back for Holidays.
"Brenda - how was your semester?"

* * *

Good times obviously in Starbucks today but - it looks like this blog is on hiatus until 2008. The Rama (Yes - that Rama) is coming in for a visit avec girlfriend, and I'm throwing a Chrismukkah party. Plus let's face it - Faux Hill empties out over the next two weeks and decamps to Puerto Vallarta or Florida. So unless a major gossip outbreak occurs you'll have to wait until 2008 for class tales about twenty something upper middle malaise (and besides - this isn't a WASP blog - so I can't talk about waking up in Rosedale on Christmas eve and getting drunk while opening presents and being disappointed. "You got me an IPOD NANO? I asked for a real one, mother. Way to ruin Christmas and pass the champagne - I'm off to the Toronto Lawn").

2007 was quite the year, though... perhaps I'll do a year in review at some point if I get really bored at work.

Oh and more importantly thanks for reading. And to anyone I've offended - my apologies.

To quote the Rama: Toodles.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Fauxhillary! Hope your going somewhere warm and sunny with your fellow village dwellers!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who posted the above comment...

FauxHillary said...

More importantly, who commented on the first comment?

Anonymous said...

You are such a pathetic blogger. you clearly grew up jealous of all the "privileged" kids at your school and dreamed of going to a private school. you seem so proud to have gone to mcgill but its not even that great of a school and it clearly got you know where. you just seem so fascinated by the people that you wish you were like all the rich forest hillers who you stalk at starbucks. you should get a life and realize that living in forest hill in toronto does not mean you are upper middle class.

FauxHillary said...

"clearly it go you know where"
- unfortunately it got me somewhere to see a gratuitous grammatical error!

bialkatraz said...

To Anonymous who posted comment #4 : Have you not heard of satire?